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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Make-up Inventory and Project Pan

I decided to do a full make-up inventory after all and made my list a couple of weeks ago.  Unlike a number of the ladies who are doing this on YouTube, I haven't counted products, but individual shades.  So, whilst they might count an eye shadow quad as one product, I'm classing it as four eye shadow shades.

Anyway, here's my list as of 10 January 2015.  The first number (in black) is the total I counted back then, the one in green is what I have right now, (given that there are several things on e-bay just now and a few more on one side to be given away) and the purple number, where there is one, is the number I'd like to get down to by the end of the year.  Where there isn't one, then I'm already on target for that category. The blue number is the number in my ideal collection (probably sometime in 2017)

* eye shadow shades  103, 71, 60
* lipsticks 15, 13, 10, 5
* lip colours (mostly highly pigmented gloss type products) 25, 25, 15, 8
* lip glosses 24, 2412, 3
* blushers 10, 6, 4, 2
* mascaras 5, 5, 2, 2
* foundations (inc BB & CC) 6, 5, 3, 3
* powders 3, 3, 1, 1
* highlighter 1, 0, 0
* concealer 1, 1, 1
* primers 4, 4, 1, 1
* perfumes 24, 22, 12, 6

(Added later: This is a clumsy way of displaying the info, esp for readers using RSS feeds.  I'll devise something better for next time.)

During January, I used up one foundation sample and four perfumes, although the number has only dropped by two as the inventory count was done after I'd dealt with a couple of things.  Many of them are just miniatures or small things.  Anyone who saw my 1st Jan post on the subject may also remember there were some things I was going to pass on and I did so before the count.

It's been quite good for me to do this as it's enabled me to think more about the kinds of products I like to use and what I don't care for.  It's been great weeding things out and I've cut the whole lot down by about a half since I started this.  Over the two years of my big use and no-buy 'campaign', I should reach my ideal figures for most, if not all product types.

I'm going to be doing this kind of inventory making for a number of things over the coming weeks and months as I think the sheer numbers really hit home just how much stuff we accumulate without really needing it.  Make-up was just one place to start.

Something else YouTubers are doing is a challenge called Project Pan.  Each person chooses a number of products to work on using up over a three month period.  When one gets through to the metal pan of, usually, a powder based product, then it's called 'hitting pan' etc.  Most people are choosing 10 or so to work on.  The most I've seen is 32.  Well, I'm going to top that now as here is my Project 50 Pan!!  It's for the whole of 2015 though, not just until April.

Actually, it's changed a little bit from when I took this photo, as I really don't wear brown eye shadow that much and so trying to pan the Chanel eye palette centre right and the Bourjois little pot more or less in the middle wasn't my thing. (I'm getting on OK with the pink, though.) So, the Chanel's currently on e-bay and the Bourjois is in the give away bag.  If we add in the two lipsticks, two glosses and the mascara I keep in my handbag, it still makes 50, so near enough.  Oh, it also doesn't include perfumes, but I'm hoping to get through a number of both minis and larger bottles that are almost gone this year, so maybe it should be Project 60 Pan??=)

Ideally, I'd love to finish this lot off this year and, with a few exceptions, it's not too unrealistic.  I've started using lip gloss instead of lip balm a lot of the time, so that helps.  As you can see, 11 shades have already hit pan and there's so little of 2 or 3 other things left that they more or less count as the same, so things are looking encouraging thus far.  I'll be glad to get through some of them as I've put the oldest, closest to being finished and broken products in this first lot. I feel like I'm using junk much of the time, so I'm looking forward to what I'm hoping will be next year's Project Pan selection, which is much nicer!!=)

I'll update in a few months' time. =)

There should be more downscaling posts as time goes on.  I've already been through most of my art things and stationery (in terms of pens and pencils) and sorted those out for what's going and what's staying, so that'll be next up for reporting.

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Rachel said...

I wonder whether I dare do a make up inventory... Always assuming I could find the time, which is not a given!

Ellinessmakeup said...

Doing an inventory really does make things hit home that much harder. I really didn't realise how much I had accumulated over such a short period of time until I did mine. I mean, who needs 25 lipsticks???

Elizabeth Braun said...

Completely agree with all you say! Only a professional make up artist might need 25 lipsticks. I have about 54 lip shades to use up just now. Ridiculous!