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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Clear-out list

The following is a list taken from one on Popsugar.com and found initially on Pinterest.  I've added notes as to how relevant they are to me and/or where I am with each category:
Black: not relevant to me and/or already done
Green: in progress, stuff ready to go
Red: stuff that certainly needs attention and that I'm getting to bit by bit.
  1. The other side of a pair of lost earrings  - don't wear earrings
  2. Scraps of wrapping paper - only keep decent sized pieces
  3. Cards people have given you with no sentimental value - don't keep them
  4. Receipts you don't need - don't keep them
  5. Ticket stubs - don't keep them, all this sort of thing is immediately recycled
  6. Socks with holes - don't keep them - I either bin or mend them
  7. Old t-shirts - I sleep in them for a while, then donate them to charity to sell for ragging
  8. Leftover change - I don't get this.  What's leftover change??  Surely no-one throws cash out??
  9. Dried flowers - don't have any, irrelevant
  10. Magazines - recycled once used, unless they're needlework/art project ones
  11. CDs - need going through
  12. Hair elastics that have lost stretchiness - don't keep them, I have a regular binning session
  13. Hair accessories you don't use - sorted ready for donation to charity
  14. Shoes that don't fit or that you don't wear - need going through
  15. Extra photo prints - don't really have any of my own (Sir's photo box is another matter....)
  16. Little knick-knacks - hate them and try never to buy or accept them.  Want to reduce all this kind of thing.
  17. Kitchen things you don't use - have very few, but will deal with soon
  18. Cooking utensils you have two of - "
  19. Tired bras - don't keep them.
  20. Scarves you never wear - need to check
  21. Clothes that don't fit - don't keep them generally, but there are a few pieces that need letting go of
  22. Gifts you don't like - don't keep them (don't get many anyway!!)
  23. Old towels - don't keep them
  24. Old make-up - I either use it up, sell it, give it away or throw it out.
  25. Old toiletries - I use them up, have none left now.
  26. Old or unused hangers - gave them all away last year
  27. Expired or sample-sized toiletries - none left
  28. Extra buttons - I keep some buttons in my sewing kit.  Actually, it's practical to do so!
  29. Expired sauces - don't have any and rarely buy this kind of thing
  30. Toys your pets don't play with - have no pets
  31. Expired medication - don't have any
  32. Dried-up nail polish - don't use it
  33. Bills you don't need to keep - see Sir
  34. Expired coupons - I check them regularly to throw out any expired ones
  35. Old paperwork - I go through it regularly and deal with or recycle it
  36. DVDs you don't watch - need sorting for donation
  37. Snacks your pets don't eat - have no pets
  38. Damaged clothing you can't mend - I donate it for ragging
  39. Stained clothing you can't clean - "
  40. Old prom dresses - I have one dress (two if you count a bridesmaid one) which I'll be donating this summer
  41. Scratched non-stick cookware - don't keep anything like this
  42. Old underwear or swimwear that's losing its stretch - don't keep it
  43. Outdated electronics - don't really have any.  When there is any, it's put ready to go to the recycling centre
  44. Rusty jewellery - don't have any
  45. Stockings with runs - always binned immediately
  46. Pens that don't work - "
  47. Clothing you've outgrown - don't keep it
  48. Necklaces and bracelets with broken clasps - don't keep them
  49. Cables and wires you don't use - put ready for the next recycling centre trip
  50. Worn-out sheets and bedding - all gone last summer, except something I want to re-make as clothes
  51. Empty or near-empty bottles of cleaning products - don't keep empties, they're all recycled
  52. Old mending buttons for clothing you no longer have - probably have some in my sewing kit, don't mind.
  53. Worn-out bath mats - don't keep them
  54. Broken electronics - don't keep them, take them to recycling
  55. Purses you never use - don't keep them, having been trying to sell 2 on e-bay and will soon donate
  56. Flatware, plates, and glasses that don't match the rest of your collection, plus dingy children's plates you no longer use - don't have any, either old crocks or kids.  Not true!  Have one dish that can go.
  57. Old pillows - one ready to throw out
  58. Worn-out shoes - one pair is shot, need to check the rest as there are some I can't wear anymore
  59. Wedding invites - don't keep them
  60. Save-the-dates - What???
  61. Wedding favours you don't use - I have none, Sir has two, which I'm hoping he'll bin this next move
  62. Old wallets that you don't use - don't keep them
  63. Broken kitchen equipment - don't keep it
  64. Spare furniture parts you don't need - don't have any
  65. Furniture manuals - don't have any
  66. Boxes - Only keep things that may be needed (i.e. new electronics). Several pretty boxes are ready to go.
  67. Unused vases - only have one vase total!
  68. Extra tupperware you don't need - need to go through my container bag
  69. Old mail - don't keep it generally and have just gone through a box of old special letters (no longer of interest!)
  70. Junk mail - don't keep it
  71. Travel brochures - mine are up to date and regularly dreamed over, then thrown out when updated.
  72. Bobby pins - I actually use them sometimes, so no need to throw away
  73. Old crayons or art supplies, plus markers that have run out of ink - don't keep dead pens and recently gave away and sold huge amounts of pens and pencils
  74. Random containers and jars - Only keep things with a definite purpose
  75. Unused stationery, stickers, and sticky notes - Stationery is out to donate, have no sticky notes and have been selling, giving away and using up my formerly huge sticker collection.  A bag is ready to go to the dentist's as the receptionist gives them to the kids after their appointments.
  76. Ripped denim - haven't any denim at all
  77. Old artwork or old children's artwork - have only a few pieces in a portfolio, which I'm not binning
  78. Used and ripped envelopes - don't keep them, immediately recycled
  79. Broken or old iPhone cases - haven't any
  80. Old unused batteries - have two ready for recycling
  81. Extra and unused coffee mugs - we need to sort these, but Sir recently gave three away. :)
  82. Old spices - haven't any
  83. Address labels for your old house - used them up when I lived there!
  84. Wrinkled ribbon and bows for gift wrap - haven't any
  85. Cards or gifts from exes - haven't any
  86. Frequent shopper cards you never use - haven't any
  87. Matchbooks - haven't any
  88. Old shopping bags - only decent ones are kept
  89. Old calendars - haven't any
  90. Old folders - need to go through my A4 binders to see what I really want to keep
  91. Magnets - haven't any
  92. Clothes that are outdated or from college - most of my clothes are rubbish.  Complete wardrobe overhaul planned for if and when we have a decent income.  I'll donate some when we move and replace the rest as and when circumstances allow
  93. Broken Christmas decorations - don't celebrate it, so never have any
  94. Christmas lights that don't work - see above
  95. Frayed towels - haven't any
  96. Expired food - haven't very much - one or two things that will still be usable and usage is planned.
  97. Computer cords, firewire cord, etc. that you don't use - haven't any
  98. Old and outdated software - needs checking through
  99. CDs for old computer programs - needs checking through, but I think Sir has binned most of them
  100. Old cell phones - two ready for recycling
  101. Hand-me-downs that you're guilt-tripped into keeping - haven't any, but I do have a cardigan my MIL made for me and I haven't really worn.... I want to try though....
  102. Freebie or promotional t-shirts you never wear - haven't any
  103. Old fortune cookie fortunes - haven't any.  
  104. Old bank statements - Sir files those, but only our current A/C has paper statements these days
  105. Old planners - haven't any
  106. Delete email subscriptions from sites - happy with the few I have
  107. Delete emails you don't need - I don't keep them and recently emptied the 'Deleted Items' file.
  108. Delete unwanted music from your iTunes - don't have one
  109. Extra buttons that come with newly purchased clothes - haven't bought anything like this for years, but this would be stupid.  Supposing you lose a button and then found you'd binned the spare??  Besides, I often find blouses are too low, so I 'decent them up' by attaching a button higher than the current top one and putting a press stud behind it.  Works a treat and uses the spare button. 
  110. Games that are missing pieces - don't think we have any
  111. Old schoolbooks you'll never use again - I only have one and I intend to bin that.
  112. Papers you have backed up on the computer - haven't any
  113. Books you've already read and don't want to display - big clear out planned for the later in the year
  114. Cell phone covers you're over - never had any
  115. Old manuals to electronics - recycled
  116. Cell phone accessories you don't use anymore - ready for recycling
Actually, I'm stunned at the sheer amount of useless junk that the average person is expected to have around their home.  Is it just me, or do people really keep such rubbish???  As you can see, most of these are things I clear out regularly.

What about you?  What's your experience with this sort of thing?  Do you find yourself hoarding junk? Or do you see other people do it?

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2015


Glenis Pickering said...

I'm a hoarder - but even I don't have a lot of the real junk listed here!

Rachel said...

Both I and my husband are hoarders, but not of this sort of rubbish.

And as you say, some of the things suggested for throwing out (like supplied spare buttons and sequins) are downright daft!

Jules Woolford said...

I'm definitely a minimalist - living with a chronic hoarder! :)