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Monday, 9 February 2015

Book Inventory is complete

OK, so I've finished the initial book inventory.  I haven't listed and catalogued every title as I'm not running a library, but I've just counted most of them according to topic and then just added up the totals.

I'm shocked!

I knew there were a lot, but I estimated that we owned about 1000 books between us.  Having counted up 1119 on this inventory, I realise that it's more like 1500. About 200 of those counted are shared and around 60 that ended up on the inventory are actually Martin's, so if you give me half of the shared stuff, then I'm ringing in with over 950 volumes.

Man!  That's a lot of books.  Most of them are not touched from one year to the next.


Anyway, doing a quick tot up of all that are ear-marked for ejection this spring/summer, I come to somewhere between 300 and 500, some of which are from the shared lot, so that means, at the top estimate of 500, I would be cutting down by around 400 personal books.  400/950 = about 42%  At least another 80 needed to meet the goal of a 50% reduction.  I'll do another list soon with just current numbers and number of volumes that I've already decided to shed and see what the real figures are.  I can't do that for Sir's, but I can lead the way.  He's quite interested in downscaling, he's just too busy with his thesis to concern himself with throwing out just now.=)

I've taken a list from the inventory page containing all the things I want to read up, where they're listed that is.  That'll be helpful in deciding what to read or study next anyway.  There are a lot to get through, but I'll talk more about plans for those later on.

I still have magazines and notebooks to count up as well!  Eeeeek!

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Rachel said...

Goodness. We've probably got about thirty metres of books, and very little likelihood of cutting it down by much, not least because we both feel very uncomfortable in houses that don't have lots of books in them!

Jules Woolford said...

We're probably on about 500, but that's due to my enforced downsizing. We dream of a home one day where we have our own library!