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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

30 Days of Blogging Challenge - Day 14 - 3 Healthy Habits

Today's is an interesting - and ambiguous - topic.  I mean, am I meant to just state three healthy habits?  Or are they meant to be healthy habits I've cultivated??  Assuming it's the latter:

* Reading the Bible every day.  It took a while to really get into the way of it (as in several years.....), but now I think I can safely call it a habit.

* Going to bed early.  I'm rarely late in bed.  OK, this is as much through necessity as anything, but when I'm strict about it, I feel much better.  I haven't been so good the last couple of weeks and have become rather weary as a result.  So, I'm typing from bed now at 7.53pm and plan on being here until 9am tomorrow.  (Yes, that's my normal getting up time.  Fatigue conditions lead to having very short days!)

* Being able to admire nice things without wanting them.  I'm so glad I haven't developed the shopping habits that I sometimes read about where people seem just unable to stop buying stuff - without ever throwing much out too!  I'm not sure general contentment could be termed as a habit, but it's a good thing.  I know I was shocked at having bought so much the other day, but I'm aware that it's a fraction of what some folk buy and what some people even expect me to want to buy, (if that makes any sense).  I have one acquaintance who, I'm sure, would see my desire for a fairly minimalist lifestyle as a lame attempt to convince myself I don't want to buy things I can't afford!!! =)  Ha-ha-ha!!

After the fridge photos the other day, I thought eating healthily was rather obvious, so decided to skip that one here!!

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Jules Woolford said...

I need to cultivate your going to bed early habit!

Rachel said...

I'm with Jules. I need to go to bed earlier!