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Sunday, 1 February 2015

30 Days of Blogging Challenge - Day 13 - What's Inside Your Fridge?

What's in our fridge?  Well, I'm sure no-one wants to plough through a list of the contents any more than I want to be bothered noting them down and typing them out, so here are a few photos instead. =)  BTW, I took these last Thursday when I was expecting to post last Friday.  I've decided not to play catch-up anymore,  but just to post when it fits in.

As you can see, most of what's in our fridge is fresh produce and, yes, this really is our fridge, it's not a picture pinched from a healthy living site, or something like that!!!

The first photo shows what's in the main section, including salad drawer and will explain why, when I have to look in someone else's fridge, I ask myself, "But where's all the produce??".
This second shot is of the back of the door.

The dropper bottle thing is some Siberian Ginseng, which I use occasionally as an immune stimulant.  I also have spare Lush skincare stuff in there to keep it as fresh as poss, before I need to get it into service. =)
This last shot shows what's *on* the fridge, both in terms of what's on top of it, (soya milk, soy sauce, rapeseed cooking oil and salt), and all the travel souvenir fridge magnets.

As it happened, I cleaned and defrosted the whole appliance just before these photos were taken.  It was a coincidence, but I was glad to take advantage of it!!!

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Rachel said...

I admire anyone who can remember they have skincare in the fridge. I've tried, and always forget, with disappointing results...!

Jules Woolford said...

I wish my fridge looked that healthy!