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Sunday, 25 January 2015

30 Days of Blogging Challenge - Day 8 - Five Current Goals

Goals are a major part of my life.  I'm a big list maker and goal setter and I maintain regular lists here on blog.  Here is my current small goals list which has each of the items noted as to which major, long-term project it contributes to as well.

Here are those long-term aims, adjusted for clarity etc. =)

1. Improve my health.

I've had trouble with fatigue conditions and all that kind of time-wasting rubbish for well over a decade now, starting with ME/CFS and then, after a brief break in the middle, spiralling down into chronic exhaustion.  Yes, they are very different although from the outside they can look quite similar.  So, through the focusing technique, keeping tight control over my diet and getting enough rest, I'm trying to get back into control of my health, rather than letting it control me all the time.  Some improvements have already been seen.

2. Prepare to move later this year.

This basically means clearing out all unnecessary stuff and avoiding any further accumulation.  This can be hard when a book you want is available on Amazon for £6 including postage, but you're trying to cut down on books....

Closely related to this, but with more of a long-term focus is:

3. Reduce my possessions by around 50%.

Actually, in the long-term, I'd like to get it down by another 40% or so to 30-33% of the original level.  My major problem areas are books and arts/crafts supplies.  The former takes up a lot of space and is a nuisance to move (pack, move many heavy boxes and then unpack), so I've begun to sell some things on Amazon marketplace, read things up with a view to giving them away and/or further sales and am expecting a Kindle for my anniversary present this coming June which will mean that I can lose pretty much all of my classic novel collection.  Some titles are earmarked to donate to the local library as well, and there are always charity bookshops for whatever is left.  I hope to get my part of the collection down to about 40% of it's current level.  My hubby hopes he will have a work office that he can stock his work books in (which will cut his down by around 40%) and we can seriously cut back on the shared stuff as well.  I also plan on sending a huge amount of cassette tapes and a number of video cassettes for recycling.

The art and craft stuff is easier to deal with logistically, but harder to cut down on.  I'm trying to think of ways, including keeping a record of what I actually use and not just what I would like to keep hold of.  I may have an 'out of sight' box where I'll put certain things for a while to see if I actually miss them.

I already had a wardrobe clear-out last summer and got about 25% of my stuff out of the way.  Again, ideally I'd like to go further, but that may be easier when I'm in a position to think about any items I need and how I can then reduce current 'stocks' if I get a few, key pieces.  Those blog articles on minimalist wardrobes etc are of interest.  I'm also using up a number of make-up, perfumery and skin/bodycare items, as you can see on this list.  The list is a great help to keep me focussed and to have the pleasure of crossing something off it when it's gone!!  7 down, 118 to go.....

The bottom line is, I want a simpler life and aim towards minimalism.

4. Improve my foreign language ability.

This is mostly to do with Mandarin Chinese, but also my German knowledge and ability.  In line with goals 2 and 3, I'm trying to work through certain books and courses with a view to passing them on to someone else who's interested, so that's good.  I'm also trying to resurrect my rusty French.

5. Try to survive the current period of incredible stress without upsetting people and/or driving myself nuts.

No explanations needed!!!

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Rachel said...

I can appreciate the desire for minimalism, but I've decided I don't have it. Especially where books are concerned - a real book is much more satisfying to me than an ebook!

Glenis Pickering said...

I'm going to adopt that first sentence of Rachel's! :-)
I can de-clutter, but only in certain moods, and rarely. And then the "stuff" creeps back again.

Jules Woolford said...

Aha - did the reduce by 75 percent thing when I had my life upheaval - and good job too or we wouldn't be able to get in! Himself thinks I am a horrible minimalist anyway - he being a collector and hoarder!