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Friday, 31 October 2014

October in retrospect

Here's what I managed to achieve in October:

- Progress the 'Paradise Island' cross stitch, hopefully to 30-40% complete  at about 20% so far
- Complete the 'Painted Ladies' embroidery  5-10% done so far
- Work a number of 3D stitch samples for the October Needlequest  Done.
- Create the one image banner for my blog  Didn't get to this one
- E-bay auctions - eventually  Done and sold all but 4 lots
- Sort my shoes  Still not done...
- Deal with 4head sticks  Ditto
- Continue with the realistic weekly schedule working  Done
- Finish 'Teach Yourself German'  copying up vocab, but haven't moved on much
- Finish 'GCSE German Revision'  Didn't start it
- Work on finishing 'German in Three Months'  Didn't get to this either
- Start 'PMP Basic French'  3/18
- Keep up as much as possible with the PekingX Intermediate Chinese Grammar web course  Done
- Press on with both 'Basic Chinese, A Grammar and Workbook' and 'Colloquial Chinese 2'  No, didn't do these.
- Finish vocab transfer from study editions (10)  Didn't do this either.  Added one to the pile, though!!
- Start Confucius Institute 'Advanced' class on 5 Oct and keep up with it  only managed one class so far, should get to #2 tonight
- Read Chinese history book to chapter 10  Late chap 8
- Watch all the 'ChinaX 7' vids  Done
- Keep up with 'ChinaX 8' and 'Chinese Thought'  Haven't started
- Read 'The Languages of China'  5.7/11
- 'Amplified Bible' one chapter per day, at least to Luke 20  Done
- Finish 'God's Kingdom Rules'  Done
- Finish studying ch 9 of the 'Daniel' book and work ch 10  Almost done with chapter 9
- Read at least half of 'Learning English' (book 3)  1.3/4
- Get well on with green assembly notebook, aim for 60-100% completion  Done, finished it all
- Try to get some exercise, pref outside, every day  only a few days 
- Do focusing and/or relaxation techniques every day  didn't keep proper count, but it was low
- Be in bed by 9 at least 4 days a week and 10 the other 3  More or less
- Print this list out and keep it handy as a reminder and stimulus to action.=)  Done!  It was the first thing I did on the list, not surprisingly.

It's always funny naming this sort of posting as I create it at the same time as the goals list and then update it during the month.  'In retrospect' when the month hasn't even started, is odd, no?

Anyway, this month was better in some ways than September, but not terribly productive.  I think the main reason (other than 2 or 3 viral doings) is that, although I want to do the things on the list, motivation isn't always high.  I've been thinking about making both the long-term and monthly goals lists contribute more clearly to my main goals at the mo, which are improving my health and preparing for a move (probably next summer), so I'm just about to create a new long-term list for November 2014 to June 2015 and then think of some goals for November that will work in line with them and overall aims.

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Rachel said...

If it's any consolation - I'm two weeks behind on the FLHadrian MOOC, and I've not set a stitch in over a month....!