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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Goals and Aspirations

And here we are in October!  May it be better than September in all respects and may I make serious inroads into the following:

- Progress the 'Paradise Island' cross stitch, hopefully to 30-40% complete
- Complete the 'Painted Ladies' embroidery
- Work a number of 3D stitch samples, aim for one per week, for the October Needlequest
- Create the one image banner for my stitching blog
- E-bay auctions - finally
- Sort my shoes
- Deal with 4head sticks
- Continue with the realistic weekly schedule creation
- Finish 'Teach Yourself German'
- Finish 'GCSE German Revision'
- Work towards finishing 'German in Three Months'
- Start 'PMP Basic French'. Aim: 3 sections (18 units)
- Work corresponding parts of 'PMP French Verb Tenses'
- Keep up as much as possible with the PekingX Intermediate Chinese Grammar web course
- Press on with 'Basic Chinese, A Grammar and Workbook'. Aim: 3 chapters
- Ditto 'Colloquial Chinese 2'. Aim: 2 chapters
- Finish vocab transfer from study editions (10)
- Make notes on all the above language studies up to date
- Start Confucius Institute 'Advanced' class on 5 Oct and keep up with it
- Read Chinese history book to chapter 10
- Watch all the 'ChinaX 7' vids
- Keep up with 'ChinaX 8' and 'Chinese Thought' (all on EdX)
- Read 'The Languages of China'
- 'Amplified Bible' one chapter per day to Luke 20
- Finish 'God's Kingdom Rules'
- Finish studying ch 9 of the 'Daniel' book and work ch 10
- Read at least half of 'Learning English' (book 3)
- Get well on with green assembly notebook, aim for 60-100% completion
- Try to get some exercise, pref outside, every day
- Do focusing and/or relaxation techniques every day
- Be in bed by 9 at least 4 days a week and 10 the other 3
- Print this list out and keep it handy as a reminder and stimulus to action.=)

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1 comment:

Rachel said...

I know have a lot of travelling coming up, so I daren't give myself a list this long. Mine consists of two words - "Stay Sane!".