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Monday, 1 September 2014

September plans and goals

OK, so I've been pushing myself a bit much of late (physically), but I can still work on stuff.=)  This is my list for this month:

- Press on with the 'Paradise Island' cross stitch, hopefully to about one third complete
- Do at least half of the 'Painted Ladies' embroidery
- Create the one image banner for my blog
- E-bay auctions
- Help Sir with kitchen muck out
- Sort my shoes
- Deal with 4head sticks
- Look into video and cassette tape recycling and, hopefully, use it!
- Negotiate a good phone and broadband deal for the year
- Create a realistic weekly schedule, then trial, rework and stick to it.=)
- Finish as much as possible of the four German books
- Work at least a chapter a week each of 'Basic Chinese, A Grammar and Workbook' and 'Colloquial Chinese 2'
- Finish reading 'Teach Your Children' in Chinese, then review in English
- Read at least half of 'God's Kingdom Rules'
- Finish English book 2 and start book 3
- Read Chinese history book to chapter 10
- 'Amplified Bible' to end of Mark
- Get well on with green assembly notebook, aim for 60-100% completion
- Try to get some exercise every day
- Do focusing and/or relaxation techniques every day
- Be in bed by 9 at least 5 days a week and 10 the other 2

That also works on 14 goals from the main list.

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Rachel said...

Remember to build in some allowance for life's curve-balls into your planning!

Elizabeth Braun said...

If I didn't, the list would be at least twice as long! ;-)

Glenis Pickering said...

Count me in on the "create a weekly schedule" one - that was on my list already, but I've added your "trial and adjust" step as I think it's neat :-)