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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How did September go?

- Press on with the 'Paradise Island' cross stitch, hopefully to about one third complete  About 15% done
- Do at least half of the 'Painted Ladies' embroidery  Design transferred and started a tiny bit
- Create the one image banner for my blog  Still haven't got to this
- E-bay auctions  Photos taken, but listings yet to do.  I'm having real trouble persuading myself to get on with these, even though I want the stuff out of the way and the pocket money in the bank!  Having said that, I have listed 12 books on Amazon Marketplace and sold one the same day.=)
- Help Sir with kitchen muck out  Job is done, but he did 95% of it.  Between us, we've given almost the whole flat a good spring clean during August and September.  It looks much better and a fair bit of clutter has gone too.
- Sort my shoes  This would take only a few minutes, but I only remember it when I'm in a rush to get a pair on and get out!
- Deal with 4head sticks  I really don't know what to do with these, esp. how to 're-store' them
- Look into video and cassette tape recycling and, hopefully, use it! Found one service
- Negotiate a good phone and broadband deal for the year  Done!
- Create a realistic weekly schedule, then trial, rework and stick to it.=) Working on it, rework in progress as things keep on changing!!
- Finish as much as possible of the four German books  Did a chapter of one...
- Work at least a chapter a week each of 'Basic Chinese, A Grammar and Workbook' 0.7/4 and 'Colloquial Chinese 2'  Didn't get to this one, no
- Finish reading 'Teach Your Children' in Chinese, then review in English  Done!
- Read at least half of 'God's Kingdom Rules'  Read 9 of the planned 11 chapters
- Finish English book 2 and start book 3  book 2 completed and intro to book 3 read, so Done!
- Read Chinese history book to chapter 10  still on chapter 7
- 'Amplified Bible' to end of Mark  Matt 14 - Mark 8, but I'm well ahead of schedule anyway, so it's OK.
- Get well on with green assembly notebook, aim for 60-100% completion  Forgot this one and not sure where the notebook is now!
- Try to get some exercise every day  21 days of going for walks or doing quite heavy housework, not too bad.
- Do focusing and/or relaxation techniques every day  only 7 days, not so good, although a fair number of days it just wasn't possible.
- Be in bed by 9 at least 5 days a week and 10 the other 2  more the other way around most of the time.  Need to work harder on this one....

Something I have realised is that, in order to really get on with the goals on these lists, I need a print-out of it on my study wall.  I did that for July and it really helped me keep in mind what needed to be done that month and just get on with it.  For August and September, I just went on an occasional check of the list vis my Blogger phone app and so it wasn't so productive.  I'll think about an October list over the next couple of days.

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Glenis Pickering said...

Well done on the progress you did manage. I've decided September is best forgotten :-( and at the moment October isn't looking much better...

Rachel said...

When there are so many goals, having a printout will certainly make it easier to keep track!