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Monday, 1 September 2014

August results

How did I get on this last month?  Not nearly as well as July, but then I didn't really try for half the time as i realised that I was over-doing it and was catching viruses easily again.  So, I cut right down and decided to be a bit easier on myself for a few weeks at least.

Here's what I did do anyway:

- Needlequest for the month is fabric colouring, so going to try some fabric painting, silk painting, dyeing and anything else I can think of.  fabric painted piece done and I used some blusher on another project!
- Start tropical island cross stitch (for WIPW)  Done and did about 10% of it
- Work butterflies small piece  Didn't get to this one
- Stumpwork face card  Done
- 20th anniversary card for my bro, (prob with an NQ piece)  Done
- Create a single image banner for my stitching blog  Nope
- Try to mend Sir's jumper  Nope
- Get show pieces mounted and/or framed (4) Done 
- E-bay stitching odds and ends  Nope
- E-bay other stuff if extra free listings occur  They did, but I didn't.  I can't seem to work up any enthusiasm for sales.  Should just get on with it, enthusiasm or not!!
- Sort out my shoes  Nope
- Clean out kitchen including all cupboards and oven, and throw out junk  Definitely not!  This would have been a lot of hard work.  I'll help Sir when he cracks on with some of it this month though.
- Deal with old 4head sticks  Nope
- Look into cassette and video tape recycling  Another nope
- At least four more chapters of Chinese history text.  2 read and a third started
- Note all new vocab from Chinese study editions (20)  12 done, so not too bad.
- Finish Teach Yourself German  done to chapter 13, German in Three Months, Letts Revise GCSE German  done 30% of and Sequenzen grammar workbook. (4)
- Coloquial Chinese 2 chapters 1-5  done chapter 1
- Basic Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook chapters 1-5  done chapters 1 and 2
- Finish OU English lang course book 2 (all I want to of it, as parts are boring me)  skipped some, on last chapter
- Start OU English book 3  Nope
- OU Science book 3, at least to chapter 5  I can't remember exactly, but I think I'm in chapter 3 somewhere.
- Amplified Bible to at least Matthew 12  Done, and read on to chapter 13
- Read 1996 convention notebook  Done

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