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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Plans for August

After having now finally completed the last few sewing tasks from the July list, what's in store for the rest of the month?  As with last month, it's mostly reading, stitching and a few neglected, niggly little jobs.

- Needlequest for the month is fabric colouring, so going to try some fabric painting, silk painting, dyeing and anything else I can think of.
- Start tropical island cross stitch (for WIPW)
- Work butterflies small piece
- Stumpwork face card
- 20th anniversary card for my bro, (prob with an NQ piece)
- Create a single image banner for my stitching blog
- Try to mend Sir's jumper
- Get show pieces mounted and/or framed (4)
- E-bay stitching odds and ends 
- E-bay other stuff if extra free listings occur
- Sort out my shoes
- Clean out kitchen including all cupboards and oven, and throw out junk
- Deal with old 4head sticks
- Look into cassette and video tape recycling
- At least four more chapters of Chinese history text.
- Note all new vocab from Chinese study editions (20)
- Finish Teach Yourself German, German in Three Months, Letts Revise GCSE German and Sequenzen grammar workbook. (4) Plan to pass them on to ERW on 29th.
- Coloquial Chinese 2 chapters 1-5
- Basic Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook chapters 1-5
- Finish OU English lang course book 2 (all I want to of it, as parts are boring me)
- Start OU English book 3
- OU Science book 3, at least to chapter 5
- Amplified Bible to at least Matthew 12
- Read 1996 convention notebook

July went quite well, so let's see how we manage August, esp. as there are two 3-day weekends taken up etc.=)


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Rachel said...

My curiosity is now thoroughly aroused - "Deal with old 4head sticks"? How? Why???