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Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Round-up

My goal list for the month was as follows, where you can a.lso see what was completed and what not:

- Finish the ring cushion.  Deadline: 17 July.  Done in time
- Finish the Tudor Lady cross stitch.  Done
- Complete the July Needlequest challenge  Done
- Substantially progress the peacock feather piece. Done - piece almost finished
- Sew up the Hanako scatter cushion. Started
- Alter my trousers (4)
- Sort the modifications on my skirt  Done
- Clear out the container cupboard in the kitchen.
- Sort out my wardrobe and household linen.  Done and also did bedroom shelves and some drawers. Five bags taken to the charity shop and huge quantities of washing, stain treatment and ironing done!

Here are my wardrobes and shelves before and after the sort out.  Most of the clothes in the boxes went to charity and some came out back into use.  Those currently in the box are things that I've 'grown' out of lately, but hope to get back into sometime soon.  If I haven't by the time we move, they go!

This wardrobe I share with Sir.  His shirts are on the right hand side.  All the household linen stuff that used to be there has either gone to charity or is now in under-bed drawers (which were also cleared out and many contents donated).  Most of the soft toys also went to charity and the few remaining ended up on the shelves.

I haven't chucked out any of Sirs stuff, just tidied and re-arranged it (as well as doing a lot of ironing and therefore re-stocking!!)  Again, lots went to charity.  I felt cleaner when all this was done!! LOL!=)

- Finish 'Practice Makes Perfect Basic Chinese'. Done
- Work two more chapters each of 'German in Three Months' Done  'Teach Yourself German' Done including completing a half read chapter and one more afterwards 'Teach Yourself French' Done, 'French in Three Months' Done (4).
- Read to Chapter 5 of my English language and linguistics book Done and half of chapter 6 as well, and my Chinese history one (2). Done and got most of the way through chapter 6 too.
- Finish all the scraps of assembly notes.  Done and started the next notebook
- Finish book 4 of the maths course. Did a chapter and a half of it, but decided to come back to it later on.
- Re-study at least 2 more chapters of science book. Done. Finished the book in fact.
- Finish Ezekiel and read Daniel to Amos in The Amplified Bible. Done. Got to part way through Micah as well.
- Read all the glut of mags that suddenly seemed to arrive en masse (5) Done

There were 28 tasks of which I finished 21 and worked on 2 more.  Given that I lost about a third of the available time to illness,  I'm really quite proud of having aced about 76% of the list.  The remaining tasks will probably be taken care of over the weekend,  strength permitting, then I can start in on the August list.  Actually,  some of the stuff on that one is underway already....

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