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Monday, 1 April 2013

Goals Progress During March

I didn't set any definite targets for this month.  Well, I did on the little print-off I make at the beginning of every month (except this one, as the printer has kindly conked out on us!!), but I didn't publish them and didn't really hold myself to them either.  So, did I manage to do (working down my 2013 goals list)?  I:

* Started and completed three whole, although small embroidery projects, two of which have been blogged over on Sew in Love, and one to come in the next few days.  I also started one more last night and got it about a quarter done.
* In a similar vein, finished my last baby knit, which had been hanging around for a while.
* Did a couple more sections in my study book on the Bible book of Daniel.
* Finished 'Elementary Chinese Readers' book 1 and did 9 of the 16 chapters of book 2
* Worked a few pages of 'Schaum's Outline of Chinese Grammar'
* Finished the 'Talk Italian' course, which I'd borrowed from the library, although I haven't yet finished watching all the on-line videos connected with it.
* Completed chapter one of 'Italian Verb Drills'
* Kept all Bible readings on schedule and have almost completed my re-read of the first of two books on Isaiah - just one and a bit chapters to go.
* Finished reading 'The Tyranny of History' and made a small start on the next China-related book 'China in the Twentieth Century'

I think that's more or less it, but it means the 'signing off' of 6 goals and progress on another 10, so, considering how horribly tired and run down I've been, I'm really pleased with it.=)

Goals for April are to keep up the good work, I suppose!  Ideally I would like to:

* Finish the current embroidery (DMC dragonfly) and start on a Helen M Stevens' design, 'Painted Ladies'.
* For stitchcraft WIPs, I'd like to get the surface work complete on my sampler and, if at all possible, to get the peacock feather done out of the way at last as that has been hanging around for 4½ years now!
* Finish chapter 9 of the 'Daniel' book and start on chapter 10, if time and health allow.
* Finish 'Elementary Chinese Readers' book 2 and make a good start on book 3.
* Finally get to the end of the Schaum Chinese Grammar book, which I started whilst in Taiwan a good 3 years ago.
* Finish 'Auftakt 1' and do some other German study.
* Finish watching the on-line videos to revise 'Talk Italian'.
* Work another two chapters of the OU science course book 'Energy'.
* Finish the OU maths book I started on.
* Get the sample text done for the book project.
* Keep all Bible readings up to date.
* Finish 'Isaiah 1' and read at least ten chapters of book 2.
* Read 'China in the Twentieth Century'
* Get on with a bit more in the 'Using English' book.
* Get to at least half way through the 17C fiction anthology, which is quite hard going.
A health goal or four:
* Try to do focusing every day, but at least on 20 out of the 30 days in April
* Do some form of relaxation technique daily, preferably more than once.
* Get outside every day possible and have a decent walk at least every other day.
* Go to bed early every day and take a rest in the afternoons where possible.  (This isn't soft/lazy, it's necessary for me at the mo...)

Looks a lot, but I've actually blended all three of the usual goals lists into one here - the general, the arts and needlework one, and the languages, so it's not so very much as it seems.

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Glenis said...

I've been exploring your site with (growing) interest, and just wanted to wave "hello". (I don't have a Blog, so cannot point you to "me")

Another Needlework Blog I follow referenced your stumpwork and that's something I've long had on my "If only/unlimited time" List. That's how I "found" you. Did you ever pursue the "starter kits" idea you had a while back? Because I'd be VERY interested in that!

Your list of Goals is impressive (wears me out, just reading it!) and it's already inspired me to revise mine. Finishing the Proclaimers book has gone on there, :-) as well as "investigate stumpwork". But you're leading me astray as well - I have all the Chalet School series - and it's AGES since I read them...

Lovely to "meet" you Elizabeth.