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Friday, 1 February 2013

January 2013 Progress Report

Although I would have liked it to have been more (stymied by illness - as usual), here's what I managed to accomplish from the list posted last time over the last month:

To Study


* 'Daniel' book chapters 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 16 on chapter 9 - did one session
* 'Isaiah' book 1 - to start to study if poss

Other Subjects

* Discovering Science Book 4 - 'Unity Within Diversity' 2.6/12  - new re-start
* DS Book 5 - 'Energy'
* DS Book 6 - 'Our World and it's Atoms'  1.6/15  - completely new start - rediscovering my love of chemistry!
* DS Book 7 - 'The Quantum World'
* Complete OU MU120 units I own  Book 4/7 section 0/7

Work Related 

* Complete all the texts for the 'Advanced Chinese by Translation' book project  sample text in progress  - new start and also had another brief meeting with senior co-author
* Complete 'How to Do Everything with MS Word'  9/18
* Learn to use MS Access and create a Bible book/author database
* Gain my Adult Numeracy Level 2 certificate   prep test 5/12 taken
* Update and revamp my CV  hand-written outline done
* Create some docs for PPH and make a start on bidding for jobs  

To Read


* NWT Bible 2013 reading (#11)  Gen - Lev 12  - new start and just one chapter behind schedule
* Complete NWT Bible 2009-2013 TMS reading with Sir (#12)  Gen - Matt 21  - on schedule
* The Amplified Bible, (Genesis - Psalms)  Gen 1-46  - new start and doing OK
* 2013 Yearbook
* 2013 Convention new releases
* Isaiah book 1  7/30  - new start and doing fine
* Isaiah book 2
* Creation book


* Improve Your Foreign Language Ability Immediately  Done! - started and finished
* Studying Foreign Languages
* Chinese Language, Life & Culture
* The Tyranny of History  3/15  - read some sections back in 1996/7 as an undergraduate, started afresh
* China in the Twentieth Century
* The Power of Creative Intelligence  Done!  - started and finished
* Using English - from conversation to canon


'Paradise Lost'
* 'Emily Fox-Seton'  Done!  - started and finished and will return to library today!!
* PG Wodehouse 'The Mating Season'
* PG Wodehouse 'Carry on Jeeves'  Done!  - started again and finished
* 'The Ladies' Paradise'  Done!  - started in 2012, now finished and returned to library
* 'Dombey & Son'
* 'Anthology of Elizabethan Prose Fiction'
* 'Anthology of Seventeenth Century Fiction'  50/522  - new start

I also used 17 of the products on the 'Use Up' list, although none are finished yet.

So, reading has gone well with five books read and progress made in about five other reading goals.  I also got some study done, both of the things in this list and also those on the language blog.  Not mentioned here either are the arts and crafts goals, which have just been updated on my textiles blog.

Goals for February?

* Finish the 17th C anthology
* Keep up with year-long reading plans
* Finish Tyranny of History
* Get sample chapter text done as well as a list of tricky Chinese structure and hard to translate expressions, also a list of what Chinese published advanced textbooks cover in terms of language content.
* Finish DS Science book 4 - at least the sections I'm planning to cover.
* Finish the MS Word book
* Finish Daniel book chapter 9 and start 10
* Do a bit more in the chemistry book
* Report back on 1 March and also post at least once more during the month.

So, what have you accomplished this last month?

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2013

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Rachel said...

Isn't it satisfying to have things physically crossed off on a list!