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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Goal Management

I've been meaning to post this for a while and here we finally are!

I wonder how many people 'keep track' of their goals in an 'off-line' setting?  I mean, I've seen a list or two on-line and really enjoy seeing updates etc - to say nothing of loving to update mine at any and every opportunity - but do others have off-line ways of keeping track?

Here's mine:

First, on my wall I keep a two-sided print-out, updated approx monthly, of my Goals 2011/2 page.  I like to have it here and, as you can see, things I intend to work on that month are highlighted (surely that should be 'highlit') in orange and items I'd like to be able to cross off that month have the number highlighted in yellow (which hasn't come out too clearly here).  So, I can see at a glance what I need to be focusing my time and attention on at any given time.  I not, then I just drift, entertaining myself and accomplishing nothing!

Moving on to the calendar.  This, as many will recognise, is an MS Outlook printout for each month on which I put in the usual appointments etc.  At the top left, you can see the first three days are crossed out in pink and there's also a number on the day.  That's the number of goals I worked on that day.  I often keep a tally of them throughout the day too so that I don't lose count.=)

So, that's my system.  What's yours?

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Rachel said...

My palmtop - an elderly PalmOne machine. I'm beginning to get very jumpy about what will happen when it fails, although t is often backed-up so I will have the data - just not so conveniently to hand!