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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

July goals round up - addendum

Basic stats for last month are:

5 goals completed making 14 altogether (I posted 4 earlier on, but it's 5 - I forgot one!)
21 things worked on including 2 newly in progress.

There are 34 in progress in total and 55 still left untouched, which will include a handful of new ones that I swapped in for things that weren't of interest/relevance anymore.

And that makes 102, so I seem to have miscounted again, perhaps on the original list, as I got that amount too many last time.... And when I just counted the lot, I got only 93! I'm clearly losing the plot somewhere!

Later on:

OK, so I've re-worked it, there are now 100 items on the list as I've numbered them and there seem to have been 103 before. I deleted about 6 and added 3 new things in. So, now it should work and the previous miscount in setting the thing up will answer for why I could never get the monthly totals to tally properly.=)

She gets there in the end, but she IS a fluffy little idiot when all's said and done, so why expect better???!!!Ha-HA!

What about August? Well, I expect to wipe a few more off the list as a matter of course such as getting at least more piece of needlework completed, finishing one or more novels and non-fiction books etc, but I think my main focus is going to be on getting a few things that are hanging around the house done. Here's an impromptu list:

* Mend my favourite winter skirt (will be tough as will need fabrics bonding etc owing to the type of seam that's gone, but I have ideas....)
* Alter that shirt of Sir's that's gone around one wrist to make a short-sleeved one. There's nothing wrong with the rest of it and I do NOT permit waste!
* Mend my ministry shoulder bag as one strap has come out in one place and needs re-sewing in.
* Finally finish a hem on a mad dress I began to alter well over 15 years ago! I'd like to wear it, to say nothing of emptying and clearing away the bag it's been hanging around in.
* Learn long document techniques with Word 2007 (such as Table of Contents, Indexes etc) so I can both use them in my writing projects and also get the book back to the library.
* Make a start on learning to use Access 2007 and get that book returned as well.

From the main list I should cross off the following:
* ITQ1
* 'The Eustace Diamonds', then start 'Phineas Redux'
* The blackberries design, including making it up into a manicure pouch
* Finish up the giraffe cushion
Might finish one or two non-fiction books too.

I've borrowed my mum's sewing machine so that I can really get on with some of the sewing things that have been waiting around and also try my hand at making little bags and purses with a view to trying to sell them.


Rachel said...

This is why I don't attempt to keep track of projects and goals in this manner... !

Elizabeth Braun said...

Well, I enjoy it this way - whether the maths goes screwy from time to time or not!=)