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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Monthly Goal Update

Time for the progress report up to the end of May:

So far 7 items have been crossed off as complete, of which 4 were finished during the month. Another 2 are part complete in that a major section of the work has been done - namely the stitchery on two cushion covers is complete, but they are not yet sewn up into finished items. I had planned to do these whilst staying at mum's recently for invigilation duties at Leeds Uni, but I was just too tired with several 11 hour work days etc!!

37 items are in progress, of which 22 have been worked on during the month and 8 of those have been started new.

That leaves a count of 59 unstarted. I realise that adds up to 102, when there are only 100 items on the list, but I'll fathom that out next time!! I expect the WIP number doesn't hold up against the previous month's list either, but some of that could be mis-counting and some more may be owing to the fact that I've actually deleted two unstarted items and replaced them with other projects that are already in progress and which I've now decided it would be better to finish than to start something else.=)

I plan to actively work on 30 items this month in the hope of crossing off as many as a further 10.

Goals are good things, I get a real buzz from updating this list and, especially, crossing stuff off it!!

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Rachel said...

Maybe you counted a couple of things twice?