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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

One month into the current 'Goals' list

...and how am I doing with them?

Well, after a little bit of jiggling around with the list, I finally got it to number 100 items (although some 'items' are more than one thing in actual fact!!), which seemed like a decent number.

Progress thus far is:
3 tasks totally completed;
32 in progress; and
3 enquired about in the hope of getting going on soon.

By 26th May I hope to have completed at least 9 more, made progress on all those currently underway (some of which are rather long term efforts) and have started on around half a dozen new things.

Let's see.....

I like working like this. A list of stuff to do can take the aimlessness out of free time (of which I have rather a lot!)

1 comment:

Rachel said...

It will certainly help concentrate the mind! Good luck with it...