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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Better is the seeing by the eyes...

"Better is the seeing by the eyes than the walking about of the soul. This too is vanity and a striving after the wind." Ecclesiastes 6:9

So what does that mean? No, it's not talking about disembodied spirits, (and that's not what the original Bible word for 'soul' meant anyway - it meant the whole person/animal, or the life they enjoyed, quite different from what most people think of, no?). What this scripture is saying is to enjoy and make the most of what you have, rather than wasting your time dreaming about and desiring what you can't have. I thought this was a good theme for many of us to have at the moment, given the financial stresses millions are under these days.

This photo shows how I'm trying to apply it. Only one of these books is new (the German grammar workbook in the middle and that was a £2 bargain), the others I've had for anything up to 14 years already! These are the books/courses I'm studying at the moment in my little 'home school'=). I'm doing English Language/Linguistics, Chinese, French, German, inter-disciplinary science and maths. I want to get back to my viola soon too.

I noticed both from my own experience and from reading others' blogs that we're all very good at buying books with great expectations of using them, then they get left on the shelf and we don't come back to the subject until we have a totally new text on it!! Being un/under-employed at the mo, I can't afford to buy new texts (and I intend to work through that German grammar PDQ so as to be able to sell it on to someone wanting to tone up for their GCSE/AS Level exams in June!), so I've been forced to get familiar with what's on my shelves and make the most of those.

I've also been forced to think very carefully about budgetting and that will be the topic of posts over the next day or so.=)

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Rachel said...

If you're anything like me, even books you've already read/worked through will still have charms!