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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Four months? REALLY?

Gosh, does time fly, or what?

Well, here we are back home and have been for 3 months already. We're settled into our new home and I finally got the last 2 packing boxes emptied on Monday. OK, so there are a couple in Sir's study, but they're things we're not likely to need here, at least not yet, so they're waiting to be relocated in the attic which, being a top floor flat, we have access to.=)

Our new place is bigger than our old and that means Sir has a much larger office and I have a tiny room of my own. I actually do get far more study etc done in there than I ever did in the living room of our old place! You can see photos of my little den here on the relevant post on Sew in Love. Funnily enough, just last week, the bookshelf photos from our old lounge (pre-Aug 2009) were featured on Kyusi Reader!!

Disadvantages to our new place are really only that we don't have a lot of storage space (but that can also be seen in a positive light - keeps stuff to a minimum and I don't have a lot of time for ununsed 'things'), and that the long living-dining room has 3 outer walls and so it's very cold in there and hard to get it warm at all. However, the local Council are offering free cavity wall insulation etc, so we're keen to take that up and hope it'll help. I think the sheer cold in there is one thing that makes me less interested in my needlework these days, the other being that I'm preferring to study instead!!

I've got rid of the old '2010 Goals' page and replaced it with an 'In progress..' page which details all the things I'm working on at the mo, from craft and writing projects to things I'm studying, or planning to get going on within the week. I'll keep that updated every week or so. As for goals per sé, I don't think I'm going to set any/many in the near future.

So, all we need now is some money coming in.....

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Rachel said...

If you can manage it, get thick curtains with thermal linings at all doors and windows. It makes a big difference. It's also worth getting some of those radiator baffles that encourage hot air into the room instead of the wall.

And get yourself a pair of wristwarmers or knitter's fingerless and thumbless mittens. You'd be amazed..

(Speaks the girl with ten years' experience of a listed building with no cavity walls to insulate and where double glazing is forbidden..)