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Thursday, 1 February 2018

January Goals Results

Completed:   4/20
In progress:  9/16

Clearing out, admin and necessary tasks:

* Complete the Go Bag project   almost everything bought, one or two more things to sort/collect
* List all sales stuff - spare threads, mags, perfume, shoes, and offer some things to friends   giveaways done, donations prepared and Amazon listings done
* Song project   initial file handling done, plus 54/151 songs retyped and reconfigured, 0 more in progress atm. Very. Long. Job! 30 hours so far...  
* Building Society standing order changes, close old account and sort out some home contents insurance   2/3 done
* Sort through book boxes and living room shelves, (aiming to jettison 100 books) and update Book Inventory page with accurate figures   Done! 160-ish removed!
* Mending and altering tasks: M's shirt, M's vest, my coat, my black cardigan   Done!

Reading and Study

* NRSV to at least end of Corinthians   John - Acts
* Finish Chinese NWT   Done!
* Finish DS4 CD-Rom
* Finish DS5
* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'
* Finish reviewing 'Revise GCSE German'
* Finish 'German in Three Months'
* Vocab project: TYG, GCSEG, G3M, SC2, WTs
* Read January chapter of 'The Embroiderer's Year'  Done! 
* Read 'Embroidered Flowers'   on p24/94


* Finish my cable knit jumper   sleeves done, back rib in progress,.  I pulled out the entire back and have restarted it as the whole things was both too long and FAR too wide!
* Work on cross stitch project aiming to finish sky/background section   started - finished blue, back on with palm fronds.  Did a fair amount, then spotted a fundamental error and had to pull most of it out.  Depressing!
* Start rose needle painting
* Re-start creative bloggingText and images

So that was it for January.  I 'cheated' in a way, because I wanted to keep the number of goals to only 20, so I bunched a few up and actually had as many as usual!!  So, had I spaced them out as I normally do, then there would have been a fair few more completions. :)

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'Finished in February' 12 Goals List

I'll post the January results later (they weren't too good, but when are they ever?), but just wanted to do a quick post for my February goals, which are going to be a little bit different. Basically, I'm choosing a dozen things to get finished this month. I'll probably work on other things too, but here we have 12 unfinished things that I want to get cleared off my list for the year and/or my shelf!

1) 'Spoken Chinese 2' - to finish studying through and note up vocab.
2) 'Revise GCSE German', ditto.
3) 'German in Three Months', ditto.

4) Discovering Science CD Rom exercises, which have got neglected because they require some jiggery-pokery with various laptops. Would like to get this one crossed off though.  Finish the song project.

5) Finish the NRSV Bible reading. There are 39 days of readings still to go and just 28 days to do them, but I can do it.

6) Finish the Go Bag project. It's almost done, I just need to collect some cash, order a new t-shirt each and get Sir's documents, then we need a new bag for it all. Not much to do, but needs finishing.

7) My chunky cable knit jumper, which I pulled out and restarted the back of yesterday. It was both too long and too wide - would have fit my hubby!
8) Finish the hem on the t-shirt from last May's knit fabric workshop

9) Finish reading Helen M Stevens' 'Embroidered Flowers'. I plan to read all my HMS books properly, not just flick through them.

Some use ups now:

10) Lauren's vanilla coconut cream, which is almost gone and a dead cert to finish.
11) The oddments of my last face powder, which, again, should be an easy finisher.
12) Light pink Bourjois liquid lipstick doo-dah, which I've been using a lot lately and want out, but may not quite manage this month. I can try though!

So that's it. A dozen to try to finish in Feb. Some pretty easy to do and some will need some discipline, but it would be 8 items of this year's list, if I manage them all. Let's see if I can't, for the very first time, cross off the whole lot. :)

STOP PRESS: Changed no. 4 to something more suitable and that I want finished asap. 

Monday, 29 January 2018

Updated blog header

From the one above...........

...... to the one below.

Update with selected items from this year's goals list.  At a quick count, I've spotted 8 repeat appearances already, (and there are others which I either didn't include in this mash up, or have just given up on and got rid of), which gives an idea of how many goals didn't quite get the time they needed.  Wonder what will go over to next year??

Next update: January 2019, but hopefully before the last few days!! ☺

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Shopping and decluttering balance sheet 2017

This is the cut down of my joint shopping/obtaining (being given etc) and clearing out/using (up) list for the year.  Essentially, it's a balance sheet for the ins and outs over the year.  Digital things such as book, magazines and knitting patterns don't count as my purpose is not so much to control spending (although that's never a bad thing), but to cut down on physical stuff.

Some of the numbers aren't very consistent, nor are the size or scales of the items, and I even blatantly cheated when I added a whole jar of buttons my mum gave me as one item when all bought and used ones counted individually - even those that came out of the jar! I seriously couldn't face adding several dozen things in one go, but I do hold my hand up to hypocrisy on that one.


Although I'm on a long-term journey towards a minimalist lifestyle and I do like to count and inventory things, I don't believe that there's a magic number of items that one should own in order to be minimalist.  Everyone is so different and the concept has 30 different meanings for 30 individuals.  With that said, let's see how my numbers balanced up this year past.

* Physical print publications:
In: 23, including 9 kids' books I bought, breaking a 780 day book No Buy
Out: 38
Balance: -15

* Cosmetics and Perfumery
In: 2 foundations and one pack of foundation sponges
Out: 49 make up shades, 2 perfumes, 3 'tools'
Balance: -51

* Personal Care Items (other than the above)
In: 110 products.  Wow!  That really surprised me!  I added it up just now for this post and am genuinely surprised it was that many.
Out: 98
Balance: +12
I stocked up on some body lotions/butters and shower gels that were going off the market, and also some face washes that I found at Boots USA, so that accounts for the excess.  Won't need much this coming year, but it's interesting to know that I could get through about 100 products in one year!  Wow!

* Clothes, shoes & accessories
In: 32 items that can be used individually (so, a pair of socks or gloves counts as one, as does one t-shirt)  I also included the three garments I made
Out: 30
Balance: +2

* Stationery, art and paper crafts supplies
In: 8 - 4 pens, 2 rolls of tape, some tissue paper and mountboard
Out: 61.  Actually, this was stupid in a way, as airmail labels were counted individually, but the wad of scrap paper used up remained just one even when more was used up.....
Balance: -53

* Needlework supplies
In: 126, which included 31 individual buttons and one jar full, 23 sewing patterns and 40 odd threads, most of which were a gift from Kreinik metallics.
Out: 48, including 38 buttons!  A bit mad again.
Balance: +81

* Yarncraft supplies
In: 63, including 50 balls of yarn and 11 lots of tools (needles, stitch holders etc)
Out: 24 balls of yarn
Balance: +39

* Miscellaneous
In: 26, including 12 display stands for use at shows
Out: 8
Balance: +18

Grand Total:
Overall Balance, Personal Items = +33

I would have preferred the overall balance to have been lower, but there are several things that were bought last year and will be used up this, such as knitting yarn and sewing fabric, as well as planning to sell on some of the Kreinik gift threads that I wouldn't use and clear out several dozen books, both during the imminent book box cull and through studying up and then selling or donating.  So, hopefully, next year's will show a good drop in numbers.  Having said that, numbers are very hard to keep to a standard given the difference in size of various items.

Certain things that came in this year are long term keeps, such as knitting needles, sewing tools and things like that.  I won't need to buy them again unless I break or lose them, but they also won't use up.

In the coming year I expect to buy one or two books, some mascara, the usual supply of personal care products (although I have cut down on skincare products and have a fair amount of certain stuff in stock for the year already), a few yarns and pieces of fabric for future clothes projects and one or two things here and there. I'll be keeping the same list as I did last year, which you can see here, if you're very bored and want to take a look.

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Make Up Inventory and Project Pan 2017 finish, 2018 start

I've been on a strict make up No Buy for a couple of days over 3 years so far.  The last time I bought something just for the sake of it was 30 December 2014.  Since then, all I've bought have been replacement products when stuff ran out - stuff like mascara, eye primer and foundation, the kind of stuff one can get through fairly fast.

To be honest, I wasn't really that tempted to buy new products once I'd decided that I wanted only a small collection of cosmetics, although I do occasionally indulge in a little window shopping.  If you're on a No Buy and are finding it a bit challenging, or are daunted by the very idea, then perhaps this article, (which is also the featured post at the top of the blog sidebar), will help you.

I won't say that I ever had a mammoth collection of products like some of those make up YouTubers do.  I saw one that went over 2 hour-long videos (I watched only bits and pieces of it.  I mean, I do have a life...) and was stored in 3 large machine tool cabinets!  However, I have cut down vastly and am pleased with my progress on using up what remains, a photo of which can be seen here.  The stuff in the purple organiser doo-dah is almost entirely products I'm using up and my regular make up tools (i.e. all of them, 'cos I don't keep stuff I don't use - except one small travel set.)

Here's my current inventory in individual shades, not products/palettes:

* Eyeshadow shades: 32 ~ I started my inventory with 103 and a goal of around 50 after having cut down from over 720 (including 6 x 88 palettes which I could rarely use as I was allergic to them if used more than once in a while).  I'm only trying to use up one trio, but don't mind if I do or not.  I don't wear much shadow any more, but I make an effort to get back into it from time to time.

* Lipsticks: 7 ~ Quite close to my original goal of 6.  There are 4 on my use up for this year, so I hope to be reporting 4 or 5 next year this time.

* Liquid/palette lip colours: 12 ~ Only one down from last year as I've been working more on using up glosses than this category, which is my preferred product type.  7 of this lot are on this year's use up list, and the Project Pan section below.

* Lip glosses: 11, down from 18 last year, so I've used up 7 shades since then. ☺ My goal with gloss is more like 3 - just a clear, and a sparkle or two.  I'll see what I can find when need arises.  At this rate, it shouldn't be too long.  There are 7 in this year's use up.

When I first started the inventory, I had 64 lip products left (after giving away about 20, at a guess), and I now own 30.  This year I've used up 9 and given 3 away.  There are 18 on the use up, which is probably a bit optimistic, but it would be nice to get it down to about 20 over the year.  Sometimes I use the glosses instead of/along with lip balm 'around the house'.  

* Blusher: 4 ~ I am SO tired of having the same two blushers on my yearly use up!  They go down so slowly, unless you like the very visible/burnt cheek look, but I'm putting in one last year on them and out they go!

* Perfumes haven't changed much since last year beyond giving three to charity and one more on one side to sell.  Since developing menopausal allergies, I've hardly been able to use scented things, so I've had to shelve this category until hormonal crazies settle fully down.  I will get back to it though.

The rest of the stuff is at an OK level - just one bit of powder left, one all in one base and a few CC products that I stocked up on when they went off the market.  I don't use pencils, nail polish, highlighters, bronzers, concealers, contouring, brow products, false lashes and all that.

Now onto the Project Pan section.

Here's the Project Pan 2017 start photo:

And this is the same arrangement, as far as possible yesterday:

The remains of the powder is in the little pot and the rest of the stuff has been either used up or given away.  A while ago, I reconfigured the 3 Too Faced palettes into one to keep, one to give away and one to bin (given the 7 empty lip pans), and this is all I have now.  The rest have been used up, except the mascaras, which I don't have a lot of and are all about to be binned once this year's order arrives.  I decided to get a new lot each January and that should do for the year.

This coming year's Project Pan is as follows:

That red lipstick I've had since sixth form (1988/90) so no wonder the packaging looks so tatty!  Amazing that it's still usable though, but it is!  I'm wearing it as I type.  I'm wearing red tops a fair bit at the mo so as to help use up the three reds here.

Another part of the bright pink blusher obligingly broke off just before the photos were taken, so that helps a bit too! ☺

And this, (with the exception of one single eye colour that was hiding in the drawer and 2 more of the CC foundations stored away), is what remains of my collection.  Feels MUCH better than it has for years.  I'm still not quite where I want to be, but it's a vast improvement and I've discovered all sorts of combinations that I enjoyed whilst using them up.

This last photo is a re-post of the shot I took of my whole collection part way through the initial cull and just before the first inventory.  You can see how packed the drawer was and the organiser was stuffed on all sides!  If I'd used it all, it would have made sense, but as I rarely did, it was stupid.

Hmm, that being said, now I'm thinking about paints and pencils....


One thing at a time....  Actually, I just ordered a book to help me draw and paint more, so maybe I can salve my art supplies conscience a bit with that and, like using up make up, can find out more about what I like and what does (and doesn't) work for me. ☻

Books coming up later this month, which take a lot more space than lippy and a few pans of watercolour.  OK, a few dozen pans of watercolour.  And tubes.  And pencils. Ad infinitum.

2017's shopping and decluttering inventory tomorrow!

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Starting off a new year with the goal list for January and aims for the whole year

Well, here we are in 2018.  A new year, a feeling of new beginnings.  Silly really, 'cos life is much the same as yesterday, except that I've stopped taking painkillers after my fall (and, yes, I agree Glenis!  Nothing broken is a big bonus.  A friend's colleague cracked a few ribs in a fall on the same day!), but it does feel fresh and new today, so I've been preparing all the end of year/start of year lists and so on to post over the next couple of days.  All in one go would be rather a marathon post!!

Here's what I've got in mind for January:

Clearing out, admin and necessary tasks:

* Complete the Go Bag project, which means just buying and packing the new bag and getting hold of a handful of other things (scissors, cash and 2 things arriving in the post in due course).
* List all sales stuff on eBay - spare threads, mags, perfume, shoes, and offer some things to friends
* Sort out some contents insurance
* Building Society standing order changes, plus close old account
* Sort through book boxes and living room shelves, (aiming to jettison 100 books) and update Book Inventory page with accurate figures
* Mending and altering tasks: M's shirt, M's vest, my skirt, my black cardigan (hole)

Reading and Study

* NRSV to at least end of Corinthians
* Finish Chinese NWT (1 John - end)
* Finish (Discovering Science - an old OU course) DS4 CD-Rom
* Finish DS5
* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'
* Finish reviewing 'Revise GCSE German'
* Finish 'German in Three Months'
* Vocab project: TYG, GCSEG, G3M, SC2, WTs
* Read January chapter of 'The Embroiderer's Year'
* Read 'Embroidered Flowers'


* Finish my cable knit jumper
* Work on cross stitch project aiming to finish sky/background section
* Start rose needle painting
* Re-start creative blogging

20 tasks which are, basically, finishing off the list from December with a few relevant extensions and additions.

I also want to redo my blog header photo in the same style as last year, i.e. with some of the things I hope to do/finish etc.  All helps to keep one focused. ☺

Overall aims for the year are:

* To lose a stone more of body fat. ~ I did really well last year shifting about 9-10lbs, considering how often I was ill and that I've been going through the later stages of The Change. When I started to take minimalism so very personally (!!!) I'd got to a shade under 10 stone, (9st 13 or 13½, can't recall which (139lbs)), and was feeling pretty upset about it.  I was gaining about 3lbs per year and, at that rate, by the time I was 50, I would have been clinically overweight, and clinically obese by 60.  Not an attractive prospect, so I decided to take it in hand and slim down.  My lowest weight in 2017 was 9st 3, (129lbs) on 8 December, and I weighed in at 9st 5 this morning, which I doubt was completely accurate as I seriously doubt I gained 2lbs in the last 23 days!  I haven't eaten that much chocolate!  I'm probably 9st 3½ or 4 in reality as there may very well be a bit of water weight in the equation.  I've signed up for Veganuary, although I'm already 99% vegan.  It's just eating goodies, esp. chocolates and toffees at mum's that's still dairy based and, frankly, making a promise that I will not eat any animal derived food is the only thing that seems to keep me off the sweets.  I need a little talk with myself.... Anyway, hoping to shift a further stone (14lbs/6½kg) this year and even tone up a bit too.  This should also help my overall health and strength.

* Continue with the whole use up, finish with and clear out project ~ This is a long job, but a little every day on a few different tasks helps to make up a decent amount of progress.  My cosmetic use up list for the year has been updated, (more on that one tomorrow), and the annual goals list (which I started in October last year) is also up to date.  I'm planning to clear through a good number of reading and study projects, including getting caught up on things that got missed last year owing to illness, as well as make all the clothes that I currently have fabric and yarn in stock for.

* I'd also like to enter a few shows this coming summer and win at least one more trophy.  I'm feeling more direct interest in embroidery again, so I hope to have some new projects to showcase this coming season.

* This is one I find myself not getting into of late, but I'd also like to improve my eyesight with the 'Relearning to See' programme.

So, that's it.  Time to get on, methinks! ☺☻☺

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Sunday, 31 December 2017

December round up

And here are the results of the December productivity drive.  As I had an accident (a fall on black ice) on 14th and was in a lot of pain, making sitting for long a real problem, I didn't get through as much as I'd hoped, but half of the number of tasks was completed, and 9 more worked on including 3 nearing completion. Not too bad. :)

Completed:  15/30
Part done:  9/15
Un-started:  8/15

Long neglected tasks:

* Sort and complete the Go Bag   Cleared out, repacked and many new things added including a number of other things bought specially. Just need a new, larger bag and one or two more things. Very close to completion. :)
* Take charity shop stuff - textiles for ragging, perfumes etc   Done! 
* List all sales stuff on eBay - spare threads, mags, perfume, shoes, and offer some things to friends   photos taken, but still a lot to do on this one.
* Catch up kr book study   Done!
* Finish 'Teach Yourself German'  Done!
* Complete all vocab copying up (several sources)   1st and 2nd sources completed, 3rd in progress. The number of sources was to correspond with the language texts completed, so this one is well in hand and not too far behind. Should be up to date very soon. Pleased with progress as it takes a lot longer than expected...
* Finish the bottom seam on black/grey print t-shirt, which will also mean I must do some 'sewing in straight lines' practice first   no movement here owing to accident
* Start some gentle tone up exercises.   Started, (done on 5 days so far), but the accident (bruised bum and a pulled muscle) put this one back unavoidably so, I'm going to mark this Done! as I did the best I could.

Reading and Study

* NRSV to at least end of Luke  Done!
* Chinese NWT finish Hebrew scriptures and try to finish Paul's letters   Done! But continued and got to the end of Peter's letters. Should lick this one next month.
* Finish DS4   Book completed, CD-Rom yet to attempt
* Do DS5   2.05/9 chapters - really only to where I got last try. I just didn't have the time and brain for it this month
* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'   1/16. Not stellar, but at keast some movement made
* Select and start another Chinese textbook
* Finish reviewing 'Revise GCSE German'
* Finish 'German in Three Months'.  Didn't get to any of these three, but they should come to fruition in January or soon thereafter.
* Read December chapter of 'The Embroiderer's Year'   Done! 
* Finish 3 more chapters of 'Relearning to See'.  This clearly isn't that important to me right now as I routinely neglect it!


* Do the finishings on my marble jumper   Done!
* Knit a chunky jumper for Sir   Done! 
* Start another knit (once above complete)   Done!
* Re-start cross stitch project   Done! Didn't get a lot done, but at least got it going again and enjoyed it. Feeling much more like stitching again these days too, although knitting projects are taking precedence given current needs.
* Start an embroidery piece (rose needle painting?). Not yet.
* Find a suitable hat, scarf and gloves set knitting pattern   Done!  Downloaded some freebies from Ravelry and a library magazine.
* Re-start creative blogging. Nope.

Clearing and Cleaning

* Sort through book boxes and living room shelves. Aim to jettison 100 books.
* Update Book Inventory page with accurate figures.  This dual task was too physical for me this past few weeks. I should be up to it very soon.
* Clean oven   Done! Although it turned out that Sir did it, so slight cheat here!!!
* Clean bathroom window   Done!
* Finish up at least one more lippie   Done!

So, yup, I'm OK with progress this last month and am looking forward to getting more done soon. A new year begins in less than 3 hours!

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2017

Friday, 1 December 2017

December aims - the last push of productivity this year!

And here we are at the last month of the year again. It's cold, the heating doesn't really warm the place up and hormones are going berserk, but there's plenty to do, so here's what I have in mind:

Get these long neglected tasks out of the way once and for all by working on at least one every day:

* Sort and complete the Go Bag
* Take charity shop stuff - textiles for ragging, perfumes, mags etc
* List all sales stuff on eBay - spare threads, mags, perfume, shoes, and offer some things to friends
* Catch up kr book study
* Finish 'Teach Yourself German'
* Complete all vocab copying up (4-6 sources)
* Finish the bottom seam on black/grey print t-shirt, which will also mean I must do some 'sewing in straight lines' practice first as I don't want to mess the shirt up!
* Start some gentle tone up exercises. How am I ever going to shape up if I never do more than wish for it??

Reading and Study

* NRSV to at least end of Luke - blasting through this one now.
* Chinese NWT finish Hebrew scriptures and try to finish Paul's letters.
* Finish (Discovering Science) DS4, including long CD Rom exercise, which may require jiggery-pokery with various computers and buying an external CD drive!
* Do DS5, which is quite short, but is physics, so harder for me and all fresh material. Up to now, it's been re-reading only.
* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2' (vocab included above)
* Select and start another Chinese textbook
* Finish reviewing 'Revise GCSE German' (incl vocab copying)
* Finish 'German in Three Months' (vocab too)
* Read December chapter of 'The Embroiderer's Year'
* Finish 3 more chapters (they're long ones at this point) of 'Relearning to See'


* Do the finishings on my marble jumper
* Knit a chunky jumper for Sir
* Start another knit (once above complete) (black cardy re-knit?)
* Re-start cross stitch project
* Start an embroidery piece (rose needle painting?)
* Find a suitable hat, scarf and gloves set knitting pattern
* Re-start creative blogging

Clearing and Cleaning

* Sort through book boxes and living room shelves. Aim to jettison 100 books. Shoot for the stars and be happy to hit the top of the trees on this one, I think!!! If I clear out a good 60+, then that will be an excellent start.
* Update Book Inventory page with accurate figures (following on from the previous task)
* Clean oven
* Clean bathroom window
* Finish up at least one more lippie

I make that 30 entries. Ready? Set? GO!

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

November achievements

Loads of illness and lost (wasted) time this last month, but I'm quite pleased with what I did manage as summarised below:

* I don't think I lost any more weight, but I also didn't gain any. I walked when I could, did my shoulder exercise when I remembered (not much....), and had a go at some of the 'Relearning to See' movement exercises. I need to get back into all that!

* I got the fridge cleaned out, including a complete defrost (but it still freezes the contents in half the areas, so have taken to keeping veg downstairs in the porch! Landlady not interested in buying a new fridge, grrr!), finished up the 2 lotions I wanted out of the way, made serious headway on 1 more lippie (and some progress on a few others) and did all the 'document' scanning. Plenty of stuff still to do though. Anyone surprised? Not me!

The Reading a Study section went relatively well for a wonder, as this is the section I often neglect:

* Continue NRSV Bible from Ezekiel 33 (aim to Micah)   Well and truly done. Not only did I reach my goal, but actually overshot it and made it to midway through Zechariah.
* Read Chinese NWT to 2 Thessalonians   Done and overshot again - finished the next letter too.
* Make serious headway reading 'Relearning to See'   p112-130. Not too impressed with results here, but I did some of it.
* Catch up kr book study     1/14 sessions. Same comment as above.
* Vocab transfer from WTs   3.5/5, which isn't bad. I should finish this job this week. There are 45 more words to copy up.
* Finish 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course Vol 3', inc vocab    finished studying chapters, vocab to start copying up. Ack!
* Start 'Spoken Chinese 2' (aim to complete 3/4, inc vocab)   4/25.  Didn't reach my goal, but did make a start.
Finally finish 'Teach Yourself German', inc vocab   0/2.5 chapters, so no movement on this old stick in the mud!
* Finish Discovering Science Book 3  Done! 
* Restudy Discovering Science Book 4   6.5/9 sections done, which will probably be 8/9 by close of play tonight. The remaining section is a long CD Rom exercise, which doesn't work too well on my laptop, so may not be able to do it.  
* Complete EdX 'Intro to Health & Wellness' course   Done!  Passed with 100% 
* Complete to week 3 of EdX 'Macronutrients and Overnutrition' course   Done!
* Start EdX 'Chemistry of Life'   Done!  1.5/13 units completed, but may not continue very much as I need to prioritize my book based studies so as to get stuff OUT!
* Finish EdX Mandarin level 2 course   Done!  100%
* Do EdX Mandarin level 3 course   Done! 100%

* The creative list was a bit of a damp squib.  I almost finished my marble chunky pullover, and the yarn arrived for 4 more warm knits.  I didn't set a single stitch of embroidery or do any sewing. :(

Anyway, that's 14 goals from the 36 completed, 3 more almost done and 6 or so with some progress shown. That must mean 13 were untouched. I'm ok with that, all things considered.

December list coming tomorrow. :)

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Time to get back to goals!

Actually, to be 100% fair to myself, I have been still using the monthly goals page, just haven't been very successful in meeting many of them and have been lacking sufficient umph to post about them. I think I completed between 2 and 4 tasks most of the last few months. However, I'm feeling a bit more motivated now, so here are my 34 November goals:

* Keep up food plan, aiming to lose 2.5 more pounds this month
* Remedial Exercises (neck and feet) once or twice daily
* See doctor re foot problem and menopause
* Brisk walk most days
* Start gentle tone up and flexibility exercises adding a little more every few days/week
* Begin the 'Relearning to See' programme

Domestic and Downscale

* Sort and complete the Go Bag
* Take charity shop stuff - textiles for ragging, perfumes, mags etc
* List all sales stuff on eBay - spare threads, mags, perfume, shoes, and offer some things on group
* Clean oven
* Clean fridge, inc de-icing freezer box.
* Sort out the book boxes - reduce from 3 to 2 (or even 1!), list certain books on Amazon and give others away
* Make pickles
* Finish 2 more lippies
* Finish 2 body lotion/oils 
* Scan selected workbook sections etc

Reading and Study

* Continue NRSV Bible from Ezekiel 33 (aim to Micah)
* Read Chinese NWT to 2 Thessalonians
* Make serious headway reading 'Relearning to See'
* Catch up kr book study     
* Vocab transfer from WTs   
* Finish 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course Vol 3', inc vocab    
* Start 'Spoken Chinese 2', aim to complete 3/4, inc vocab
* Finish 'Teach Yourself German', inc vocab
* Finish Discovering Science Book 3    
* Complete EdX 'Intro to Health & Wellness' course
* Complete week 3 of EdX 'Macronutrients and Overnutrition' course 
* Start EdX 'Chemistry of Life' course


* Get restarted on 'Paradise Island' cross stitch
* Make 7 lavender pillows
* Knit my chunky jumper
* Start Sir's chunky jumper
* Practice sewing straight on the machine
* Finish black/rose print t-shirt

Updates appear most days on the Current Month page, as linked to above, if anyone's at all interested!!

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